Sławek Plizga started playing classical guitar at age 9 in Poland. Over the years he developed a great interest in jazz and blues finally deciding to study at Jazz School in Warsaw with Piotr Lemański.

After two years Sławek moved to Bern for the University of Arts Bern (jazz department) where he has studied with many great teachers and musicians (Bert Joris, Thomas Dürst, Francis Coletta, Tomas Sauter, Ronny Graupe).

In summer 2012 Sławek won third place in International Jazz Guitar Competition at Eddie Lang Festival in Monteroduni (Italy) and a year after joined workshop led by the legendary Barry Harris in Rome.

He currently lives in Bern and regularly plays at different venues in Switzerland and Europe leading his own projects and playing as a sideman. Beside his work as an instrumentalist, Slawek worked as an arranger and composer with following musicians: Sandy Patton, Emilia Taubic, Basel Sinfonieorchester, Yumi Ito

Sławek found his own approach to guitar that represents the echoes of jazz guitar tradition and leaves him space to speak with his individual voice.

Sławek shared stage and worked with many renowned Musicians like :

Sandy Patton, Thomas Dürst, Vince Benedetti, Joey DeFrancesco, Pepe Lienhard, Giorgos Antoniou, Vincent Millioud,  Elmar Frey, Heiri Känzig, Peter Schärli, Martin Abbühl, Emilia Taubic, Yumi Ito, Reggie Johnson, Klaus Widmer, Laurent Marode, David Sauzay, Stephane Chandelier, Berner Symphonieorchester, Basel Symphonieorchester, Tedd Chubb (names in no particular order)